Number Two on the Hit List

Hello from Las Vegas. I am at one of my top five favorite hotels. It has been both fun and educational. This group has always been one of my favorites to work with.

My gig here as a consultant is to survey some of my former peers on their thoughts for this project I am working on. I have learned that while I am super smart and am an expert in this area, there are a few people that are much smarter than I am. Nice too. Like way nicer than I am. I guess that is part of the job pre-requisite, being a nice person.

There are also people here who I have worked with years ago that have been quick to ask for my resume and get me on their team. I’ll have to talk with legal counsel about the “non-compete” agreements.

I am home tomorrow, will finish off the results and rewrites, than I have another interview on Thursday. If offered the job, I just don’t know what to do but ask for time to consider it. Being in option land is much better than committing to anything.

So this is the song I’ve been listening to this trip. It is funny, yet tender at the same time. French and Canadian sexy songstress Feist is been on repeat.