On the road again

Logan airport has begun to make improvements. New lights, new seating, and a fresh new attitude to the traveling public await you there.

This is the new comfy seating. It replaces the plastic molded safety furniture from the same manufactures of maximum level security prison furniture that frequent fliers had been trying to sleep on when the frequent fog banks roll in halting traffic.

You can even sit in a traditional Massachusetts rocking chair to watch the planes take off over the sound.

The kind people who had me fly out for the day to “consult” actually had a larger project in mind. So it is nice to have something on my plate that requires my expertise and experience.

I’m not sure if it is a good thing, but the project includes going to Las Vegas for a conference. The two best things about this… it is at one of my top five favorite hotels in the world, and I’ll make enough flyer miles from the trip to make club this year. The down side, I feel very responsible to a group of people I don’t really belong to. Identity is a funny thing.

I had a funny feeling about this cab driver. How can you trust a driver with SO many air fresheners? Well you can’t. The man smelled like fish farts all the way through the Big Dig.

Finally… I promised that I would come clean. I have no idea what will happen to Pam and Jim on The Office. My “spoiler” last week was just more of my BS.