Top Five

While I was in Las Vegas several people asked me what my other top four places to stay were now that they had been to this place.

Here they are in no particular order:

JW Marriott Las Vegas
If you love the desert, great golf, amazing food, and some of the best accommodations hosted by the nicest people this place is for you. It is away from the craziness of “The Strip” by about thirty minutes but there are several shuttles. There is a private casino if you like to gamble, a great Irish pub, and even a buffet for the frugal gray hair’s in your group.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Honolulu

True, it is not the nicest of the hotels in the state, yet it is the most fun. Hawaii may be the quite get away for many of you for beach side reflections on life through pineapple drinks. You can do that here. But you are also in a truly international city with only your imagination and hours in a day limiting you from fun. My favorite part is the penguins.

The Rimrock Resort & Hotel Banff Alberta Canada
Cool summer nights in the north woods have very long days. In fact I don’t recall the sun setting. There are plenty of day trips with hot spring to relax at night. There is a little place in town famous for fondue - wild game fondue. You can eat bear, bore, deer, and whatever other special they are hunting in season. Plus, real live Mounties. The views here can not be equaled.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Orlando
There are so many places to stay at Disney. Why choose this one? It is on the lake, which means you are connected to anywhere in the resort by monorail or short bus ride. The rooms here are hands down the best in the resort. Designed with adult play in mind.

Swissotel Chicago
Hands down the best major city in all of the United States, the Swissotel provides easy access to it all. Some of the best-unblocked views are from these very luxurious windows. Blocks from all the business in the loop, great restaurants, and fun neighborhoods it is worth the extra few dollars.
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