Back in the saddle again

By 3:00 this afternoon I was well aware of why I had naptime for the last two months and thoroughly enjoyed it. Instead my head would do that drooping bob motion every few seconds that children get when they haven’t slept enough.

This job is much like the last one. While all the people I have had the pleasure to work with over the past few years are not here, this position has a reminiscent quality to it. It would be nice to have things ready, in place, at a point where I can jump on them and go. Instead there are security briefings and tests, protocol briefings and other basic CYA material I trudge through.

People here are nice, and I have worked with a few before. But I can tell there are certain personalities and frictions in this small team that I will tack and yaw around to get my job done. My basic rule of thumb, if you have time to tell me how big your list of action items is, if you need to remind me that you are swamped in passing, well… you might want to take a time management course or something, because I like to hit the ground running and you are slowing me down.

Maybe I am just ready to get to some real work.

Thanks for asking Cheryl… the new job is fine. I can see myself here for the next two years. I will remain Everywhere Man with my next stop in Dallas.
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