For my international readers...

For my international readers the Tigers, of more formally the Detroit Tigers are currently playing the Oakland A’s at the end of the baseball season. There are four teams playing this week, The Detroit Tigers, the Oakland A’s, the New York Mets, and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals play in a very nice stadium that is in St. Louis, on the Mississippi river next to the St. Louis Arch, or the gateway to the west (where American cowboys would poke cows.)Oakland is in California, across the bay from San Francisco. The Mets are “in” New York by name, but are technically in New Jersey. “True” New Yorkers, or those self-important people of Manhattan, claim to have the world’s best baseball team, the New York Yankees and often brush off those Mets as second class.

Now the thing about baseball this year, the Tigers have the best pitching of any team. Three years ago the Tigers were one game away from having the all time worst season ever in the major league. The last time the Tigers went to the World Series was in 1984. MOST IMPORTANT - Last week the Tigers beat the New York Yankees in four games. It was some of the best baseball in the last six years (second only to the Boston Red Sox beating the Yankees and the Marlins World Series win.)

The HYPE, which I was recently complaining about, was saying that the Tigers would be struggling against the A’s because of their pitching. But last night, our Gum Chewing hero, Nate Robertson had a great game. The Tigers beat the A’s 5 to 1. Tonight, as I write the score is 5 to 3 Tigers are up.

So yesterday’s blog has a picture of our man Nate, click his picture to read his blog, and the Old English D of the Tigers.

Hope that helps. Got to get back to the game.
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