The Great Mix Experiment 2006

It’s time again for the Great Mix Experiment. Just like the “need a penny take a penny have a penny leave a penny” dish at your local 711, Everywhere man will be hosting the musical exchange of the year.

Step 1 - Sign up by emailing Everywhere Man and committing to make 1 CD with at least 14 tracks

Step 2 - You get GME06 from Everywhere Man just for signing up, a CD compilation of my best tunes from 2006 with liner notes.

Step 3 - Burn a CD for Everywhere Man (which has not tunes submitted from previous years) that include the music you listened to during 2006. It does not have to have been recorded in 2006, just what you listened to in 2006. Include liner notes on why you included the song and what it means to you.

Step 4 - In January you get another CD with music from each submission making it the Best of the Great Mix Experiment.

Email me today!
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