Our good friends Marsh and Wolfie

I saw Marsh on the news again today. Her hair is crazy long. But she still looks great. I had to hit the TiVo bounce back feature and play it back in super slow motion. It was her, well, part of her and a cheek.

All the boys like Marsh, well, all the straight boys at least.

As a vocal and active member of student politics and other organizations in collage I learned that Marsh and I do not agree on much of anything. But I have to say I respect her very much. And if she were to run for office in Michigan, I would vote for her.

Marsh, you see, is one of the top campaign people in the tightest Senate race in the nation. Her candidate, her boss, gives me a potent visceral reaction. I have watched her boss in debate, and I will curse the name of Marsh for telling her boss really good things to say. I’ve heard Marsh say those exact words before.

Then there is Wolfie. All the girls like Wolfie - he just doesn’t realize it.

Wolfie has a candidate too. I am not fond of his candidate, but can live if that person wins. Wolfie is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever known. For years I’ve encouraged him to live closer to me so we can hang out more. Now that I work ten minutes from his office you know how often I’ve called? Once. One time for dinner. How pathetic.

While I think his boss has only two good points that had awful follow-through on the one, I really do respect Wolfie. He works hard in a thankless public office. He puts up with a lot of shit. I would say he is really smart, but look at the position he has put himself in.

So this is my plea - please do not vote for either of their bosses. Aside from the fact that I do not like the party they are in or what the two candidates stand for, this is actually not my central concern.

You see, as long as Marsh and Wolfie back winners, they will never move on to look after their own careers. I would much rather see Marsh run for office, she can do much, much better than anyone she has backed. Wolfie really wants to move on to Chicago, do some bigger and better things, make a wage that is not minimum, and pay off that high end race car he bought two years ago. He needs to meet Cheryl for drinks, live in the big city with his big brother, then become the mayor.

So whatever you do, and those of you who know these two know who employ them, do not vote for their candidate. We need Marsh and Wolfie to start running things.
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