Dallas with the new job

I never thought I would find finance exciting until I started a job in insurance.

This place blows. The events are slow and uneventful, the people are dull and lifeless.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? The booth babes here are Dolly Parton and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Oh, and look at this - many of you are too young to remember Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins, well this is his son and their “display animals."

This is a vulture, he also had snakes, alligators, and a ring tailed lemur. Thank the lord we did not have booth next to him. Everyone in the world would stop by and their neighbors were ignored.

Shortly after I filled this it jumped from the table and made a bloody pulp of three of the attendees. Maybe you saw it on the news after “what is on the bottom of your purse” an in-depth analysis of the chemical content of women’s purses. It was gross.

Actually, perkins son is made up for TV with lots of make-up and a rug on his head. It may not look so bad in pictures, but you really notice it in person.
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