GME06 Update

I am sorry not to have been clearer, but there have been several questions from new members of the Great Mix Experiment.

There is no master list from previous years that you should be concerned about duplicating. The guideline to not include music from previous years is for those who have submitted CD’s in previous years.

The example I use is Peter Gabriel “Your Eyes.” Yes, it is a great song, true women with a crush on a certain actor named John thinks this moment in Say Anything is amazing. But if you have submitted that song, or any other song for that matter, in GME2001, GME2002, GME2003, GME2004, and GME2005 - for Pete’s sake, don’t include it on GME2006.

The experiment is all about gaining new perspective and appreciation for music you are not familiar with or have never heard. On the CD’s submitted to date, I know at best 10% of what is on there. The remaining 90% is for me to grow to love over the next few months.

So for you concerned about not knowing, being to mainstream, or getting music you might never have listed to before, that is okay. This is what you have signed on for.

Thank you all for being a part of the experiment this year. We are getting some great responses and entries. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Everywhere Man
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