Home for the Holidays

Jenna the Jetta and I kept busy this holiday weekend. First we got an early start and picked up sister and played with Spencer the wonder Kitten for a bit. Then we went to Birmingham for breakfast with a quick stop for coffee.

Breakfast tradition includes a few families eating creeps. While I am not a fan of creeps (if you are going to put dough in a pan why not make pancakes) everyone else seems to eat them up. They have also been doing it for a few decades now. My good friends Mark and Marianne have kids that are about the age Mark and I were when this all began. They are great kids, with very fun personalities.

Brother Phil was very tired and needed a nap after his flight from Hawaii. I am jealous as I tend to go one a year myself but will not be flying out there this year.

Aside from the food and the laughter when seeing everyone for breakfast, I am sure to get one more thing, a cold. Yes, the elders and the minors are basically walking germ bags, and I caught a wicked cold from one of the older people this year - but the symptoms didn’t hit until later.

After breakfast it was North West to the Fenton family. There brother Philip and I had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and an introduction to my semi-cousin’s new girlfriend who is a hoot.

Jenna and I headed next to Lawpirate and Shaw’s, where I had a delicious slice of pumpkin cheesecake, YUM.

Jenna got dropped off for her 5000-mile tune up and I was off to bed.

In the morning Jenna was ready to take on the world with a fresh oil change and complementary car wash. While the service for Jenna has been great, and the years they took car of Dubbya were good, they are not very good at washing cars.

We drove back up to the Fenton family for a late lunch. Then back to Ann Arbor to pack. Sister, brother Phil, and I each headed up to the cabin. That’s when the first sign of a cold started to creep in.

Now you may hear about some groups going to the woods to hunt, stay up late, and drink away the weekend. For us, it is mostly a time to enjoy each other’s company, watch the “Phil Show” (my brother cooking dinner) and sleep.

There was high drama this year as we discovered a love story under the roof of the cabin. It was a heated romance between Ohio, a rugged industrialist, and Yellow a flexible artisan committed to a life of risk and adventure.

Well, we thought it was funny.

By Saturday night, my cold had hit hard, and with all of the drugs in my system I don’t remember driving home really. But here I am, hoping to feel better for that great week ahead of us all.
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