Bamboo & Kittens

When leaving rehab the one rule everybody receives, outside of the twelve steps, is that you should not date for a year. Get a plant. If you can keep the plant alive for six months, get a pet. Keep the pet alive for six months, you can try and get a relationship. Keep that alive for a year and you can come back to rehab.

I can not even keep bamboo alive for a month. No kitten’s in my future yet.


For those of you who have entered the Great Mix Experiment you have until the end of the week to mail me your submission, otherwise you will not be considered for the Best of CD. You can find my address on the back of the envelope of the CD you received. If you have misplaced that, email me and we will set you up.

Now, if you plan on taking the free CD with no intention of sending me your mix CD, your name, email address, and phone number will be posted on this site for everyone to contact and call you a “SON-OF-A BITCH!”

Let’s not have it come to that, send in your submissions today so I receive them by this Saturday (Marc, Anson, Sara, Jules, etc...etc...) You’ve had two months you BASTARDS! GET YOUR ACT TOGEATHER!
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