That Girl - GME06

If you are anything like me, you locked yourself in front of the TV Land “That Girl” marathon all weekend.

I had a huge crush on Marlow Thomas watching re-runs of “That Girl” after school. I always found her much more endearing than Mary Tyler Moore in first run Minneapolis. “That Girl” was a similar story of a single girl struggling in the big city, in this case New York during the late 60’s. Watching these episodes makes me think that Jennifer Aniston’s character of Rachel on “Friends” is much more “That Girl” than “Mary Tyler Moore.” In fact “That Girl” was on first and the others are just imitations.

The first two seasons on “That Girl” were by Desilu, which was later acquired by Paramount as part of a divorce. What is the importance of this? Desilu was the company Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz started in LA, significant to TV history because prior to this, TV was made in New York and mostly live. Desilu began what we know as syndicated re-runs and taping a show in front of a live studio audience for second run distribution.

So the show about a girl in New York, with an opening sequence of that great skyline prior to the skyscraper race, was really filmed on an old RKO sound stage in LA.

We have two new wonderful additions to the Great Mix Experiment of 2006.

Michelle's Blog-O-Rama GME06
1) Harrowdown Hill - Thom Yorke
2) Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley
3) Runnin' Out of Fools - Neko Case
4) Hollywood Mecca of the Movies - T-Bone Burnett
5) Head Over Heals - Tears For Fears
6) All We Do - Men Without Hats
7) Untitled and Unsung - Belly
8) Knowing Me, Knowing You - Abba
9) Penny Arcade - Pram
10) Aphorism - Michelle McQuade Dewhirst
11) Dry Drunk Emperor - TV on the Radio
12) Amazin' Disgrace - World Saxophone Quartet
13) Everything About it is a Love Song - Paul Simon
14) Hymne A L'Amour - Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas

Melissa's Untitled GME06
1) Do it For Me - Algebra Blesset
2) Thick Girls - Terrell Carter
3) Love is Something - Mozella
4) My Buddy - Kel Spencer
5) Without You - Dwele
6) Is it Love - Hello Goodbye
7) Goodnight & Go - Imogean Heap
8) Each Day Gets Better - John Legend
9) I'm Bossy - Kelis
10) Jaded - Melissa McClelland
11) Sweet Sweet Baby - Michelle Featherstone
12) Come Close - Common
13) Is It Possible - Raheem DeVaughn
14) Mother Mother - The Veronicas
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