Financial Backers Needed

So here is my big business idea “Underwear Warehouse, or”

Simple enough, start an online order business for just underwear. Going to the store for plain white tees, dress socks, and boxers is a burden screaming out for mail order service. You want fancy undies to show off to your lover, this is not the site for you. Maybe we can grow into it once we are established, but for now - just the plain Jane bra and undies.

This, of course, is just another excuse to put up hot pictures for examples of what we should carry...
Eaqual time for all of the ladies who read...
I was good friends with an underwear model.
Back in my theater days I worked with a guy that ladies told me was very attractive. He had rugged good looks and was very fit. He was also a father of three, married to his high school sweetheart, in his 50’s, and putting his three kids through college as an underwear model. Yes, he was one of the father figures in the Sears and Hudson’s catalog. What paid the best? He claimed that the weekly ads in the news paper for Wards and Kmart paid the most, they also called on him all the time.
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