Happy New Year Everybody

With the sex appeal of Dick Cheney and drive of Ron Jeremy I should not be surprised at rejection. Yet I find myself once again celebrating the New Year filled with frustration.

Three years ago a friend of mine gave me two packs of ten business cards. Made of a thick and high gloss stock these cards simply state “You look great!.” She gave them to me for one of two reasons. The first would be to get upgrades on flights or in hotels. Second, and more specifically, as ice breakers when I meet someone interesting. They do not have my name or phone number, just a kind statement. Once in their hands, the rest is up to me.

Of the twenty cards I started with, I have given out only four in the three years. Two of those were to Shaw. She spends a great deal of her time with smelly drunk and silly boys and at times is in need special attention.

I gave out the second of the two non-Shaw cards this evening. To no surprise the recipient gave me a “not even in my league look.” After reading the card, she smiled and walked away.... I should save the rest for upgrades.

This, of course, should not lead you to believe that we had a bad time. We in fact had a great evening of great food, a fun staff, and great conversation. I even pretended to be drunk for a while.

I’m such a good actor.