Not "That Guy" Again

So I’m looking at pictures on the Internet for a little inspiration for writing. Often I find pictures that are way funnier than anything I can think up. Other times you find interesting stories in photos.

Weddings are a thing we all go to. Some of us are just entering that time in our lives when more people are getting married; some of us are going to fewer weddings these days.

But I’ve noticed a trend in guests and in photos.

There is often a wedding that goes a little over the top in pink. There is usually a girl who is not really up to speed on appropriate the appropriate apparel, such as only wearing a camisole for a top. This is common enough and easily excusable.

There is usually a group of girls that have grown up together or were sisters in college, and well, after a few drinks they great a little crazy. But that level of crazy isn’t really crazy, it’s more like silly.

But at every wedding there is “that guy.” He is embarrassing. He forgets that the wedding isn’t about him. He forgets decorum. He starts to hit on the ladies out of his league, and yes, there are leagues.

I have been “this guy” and hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.

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