Everywhere Man - the Competition

There are two other Everywhere Man popular searches.

The top Everywhere Man has traditionally been the song Everywhere Man written by Johnny Cash. With the recent movie “Walk the Line” starring Joaquin Phoenix and the lovely and talented Reese Witherspoon, that Everywhere Man went up as I went down in the rankings.

With the commercial for a hotel chain adopting the song “I’ve Been Everywhere Man” it shot up in the listings and once again I went down… in the rankings.

Most recently, the character “The Everywhere Man” from the animated series “The Batman” has been popping up at number one. It is a villain, a rich friend of Bruce Wayne who has cloned himself to serve as an alibi (with the ability to be in two or more places at once.) With this ability he steals. The voice of the character is Brandon Routh, who is the recent Superman/ Clark Kent in Superman Returns, starring my fiancé… Kate Bosworth.

So when you are looking to read something interesting or new on a near daily basis, be sure to go to Google and click on me, the real Everywhere Man.