It's True

It’s true. I do miss some of the guys from my last job. There were four I really had fun working with.

Scott, who still reads and comments as anonymous, is a very fun person. I was surprised, when we first met, that he is a father of two. Later I was more surprised how he had “married up” to have such a hot wife. Scott is most appreciated for his ability to put up with my phases of bad attitude during conferences. I can be such an asshole.

Mike, who also remains at the old company, is someone who is highly under appreciated. He has a keen business mind, is an entrepreneur, loves movies, works hard, and is a good enough friend to call bullshit on you. You have to respect someone who does not let you “get away” with things you know better than.

Finally there are two that I had lunch with once a week, Art and Venning. Now both of these guys were a few decades ahead of me, but I always enjoyed that we could talk sports and shit, plus they understood all of my obscure references that no one my age does.

So I am missing the “guys.” Once again I am the lone male in marketing. There are trends and cycles that ebb and flow through the days that I am more cautious of. It’s cold, it’s hot, I don’t have enough glitter on my boobs, I hate sports analogies, all men talk to me differently, and the most common Rodney Dangerfield - I get no respect. Hell, these things may all be true, I don’t know. I just want to get my work done sometimes.

I miss going to lunch or “shooting the shit” with out concern of hurting someone’s feelings.

Yes, I do miss you all. And yes Scott, you are Hoss.
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