Winter Beerfest 2007

It’s winter. The people of Michigan are thirsty. That means only one thing - the Michigan Winter Beer Festival in Old Town Lansing.

We bought our tickets a few weeks ago and called on everyone to join us. Sadly, most people we know who like to drink beer are not retuning calls or have grown up and moved on to their dream jobs - stupid jerks!

In the end a fine group friends found the way to Lansing. Some we had not seen in years, others in months.

So what is there to say about the beer fest? Well, a few hundred people came this year, so the advertising worked. They got a bigger tent to fit everyone. Organizers booked a GREAT local band. On the down side - prices went up and sample cups got smaller. In other words, the small microbrew business has finally sold out. It is not the cool little event we went to in the summer a few years back. Profits are good for those who make money off funned named labels on experimental tastes.

Our team of experts did not find a truly great beer - but there were a few really bad beers. But what can you expect from something called “Cat Piss”?

After hours of sampling we went to a small bar around the corner from our capital called Kelly’s. Our man on the inside is on a first name basis with the owners. They treated us very well.

When the party broke up we had a few more back at Jay’s while we watched Ben kick Laura Croft’s ass for three hours. It was just like old times.

For all of you unable to make it this year - you suck… but we miss you all the same.

The Video Portion
Every year we have extra beer tokens from the previous year, or the designated driver program. Those who want my beer tokens must dance to earn them. These are a few of the videos.
Mr. Pippi

Mr. Ben
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