Stardust Memories

I got an email from Shaw today reminding me of last summer. It was the last official trip as “Everywhere Man” for the last company. It was the first time Law Pirate and Shaw traveled to Las Vegas. The first time I took friends with me instead of family. But, as a big last, it was the last time to set foot inside The Stardust.

My very first trip to Las Vegas was right before they blew up The Sands. I was fortunate to see a 15 member, all Japanese Elvis impersonation band - each member dressed in a different Elvis era outfit. There was fat Elvis, GI Elvis, young Elvis… The best part of course was that none spoke a lick of English.

Do I have fond memories of The Stardust? Hell yeah: I have seen some of the least desirable hookers work that place, it was a place to catch a cab on that side of town during COMDEX, and the slots were pretty loose when you played (my total winnings there were around $150.)

The best time there was of course, the best. Law Pirate and Shaw were forced to eat some pretty bad food in a restaurant that smelled like my grandparents trash can while being served by a tough mean old waitress. She was good enough to give Law Pirate a crayon.

But now, the pictures and the memories are all we have left.

No more Steak Diane.
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