Tough Choices

I am torn.

Under the lip of my door was the “early lease renewal” reminder. My current agreement is done in August.

The renewal offers a lower rental rate. But they are going to start to charge for gas. Which, to be honest, I can live with out. It’s only used for my fake fireplace.

I have wanted to move. The smell of the month old diapers full of spoiled Indian food wafts in the window from the apartment below during the summer. I like to sleep with the windows open for fresh air, but there have been smokers near by who like to stir me from my slumber.

There is also that hour-long drive to work and home.

On the plus side, I have a great view of the pool. It’s near the places I like and the people I like to hang around.

So here are the options.

Find a super cool apartment on the north side and pay a lot more rent but will be 10 minutes closer to work.

Move to Depot Town where I am close to friends, pay much less rent, walking distance to the bars and restaurants we go to, walking distance to the summer beer festival.

Stay here, because I am kind of lazy about moving these days, have moved ever two years for the last 17 years and am really tired of moving, the rent went lower, and I have my routines.

After thinking about this very topic for the last six months - I am just ready to stay put.
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