An Up & Down Day

I got stuck in an elevator today. It was a busy day. It was a long day. I was tired and had to load Jenna with all the boxes I had stuffed for the meeting on Wednesday.

The cart loaded, I went to the elevator, and slowly headed for the first floor. On my way down, I was going over the plan. Thinking about what I may have forgotten. Making check marks on that mental list I have. People at work are mad at me today (like glitter tits and outdoor voice guy) because I didn’t have time to hold their hands - there are deadlines.

Suddenly I realized that my mind was wandering longer than normal, and the door wasn’t opening. The elevator stopped, went up an inch, went down an inch, up an inch, down an inch. Hmmm, I think I’m stuck. So I pressed the down button. It did not stop the up and down motion.

I pressed the call button, knowing full well I was the last person on my floor - maybe the building. My call was answered by Cindy. I explained my address and predicament. She said that she would send out a repair person.

Just for fun, I began to sing a little song, and ring the emergency bell in rhythm. Then I heard voices. Some of those nutty programmers from the first floor came to the rescue. One of them turned off the power, then turned it back on - no help.

So I began to try and open the door on my own. My guess is that they had recently cleaned or polished the door as it was slick and I couldn’t get a hold. My thick fingers were no help attempting to reach for something.

After about 20 minutes of the up down motion and the smell of garbage (the night cleaning staff had left two bags inside to take down stairs) I could see it becoming a problem soon.

Also with me were the six boxes of folders for the meeting on a dolly cart. I emptyed a folder and stuck the narrow end in the edge of the door then moved it up and down the length of the door. I followed the edge along the top until something caught. The interior door released with a click.

Outside the programmers were taunting me “If you have to pee, this is the only time it’s okay to do it in the elevator.”

With the interior door open, I pulled down on a latch to see that I was stuck about three feet before the first floor. That latch released the exterior door and the programmers cheered.

The moral to the story - watch more Bruce Willis movies.

For those of you requesting better photos, always remember:

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