In the immortal words of Huey Lewis, “I want a new drug.”

Oddly enough my mind is in a curious place these days. It is filled with trivial and inconsequential things like, well…

The speed of darkness is not real. Darkness is the absence of light. There are no rays of darkness in physics, so the speed cannot be calculated. Darkness can return to a place at the same speed that light moves away from it.

Loneliness is the only thing in life we face alone. We face death alone as well, but that is the opposite of life. I tried to be filled with loneliness the other day with my friend, but we never really got there. Instead, we fell asleep.

I am fascinated with underwear. This may be partially connected to the thought that would be a great idea if I could only have enough backers.

Underwear can be funny.

It can be tasty, like Froot Loops.

It can help you remember the last name you are about to take in the name of love.

Or just walking around, going to work, drinking some coffee, checking out the others, nice junk - put it in a box, kind of day.

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