Time to Move On

It is sad to see your favorite shows go off the air. After years of watching characters develop and adventures play out it is hard to break the habit.

Worse than watching these shows go off the air is seeing them play for years after their prime, or “jumping the shark”.

So on hearing the news that the Gilmore Girls will end in a few weeks time, I am both relieved and sad. The show lost the creative drive last year when the creators were not moved over to the new CW network. It was obvious in the writing as the witty rants and fast paced banter would linger or rehash points from previous seasons. I am happy that they will end the show in a state of semi enjoyment before I grow to completely hate it.

One more season to add to my DVD collection and it will be complete. That is satisfying. How many times in life can you say that you collected a complete set of something?

Gilmore Girls remains the best show nobody watches. But I hope you catch the last few episodes or the series on the Family Channel.
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