Cloverfield Trailer

If you are a big Lost fan like me you will be happy to hear that the new Transformers Movie is well worth the viewing. Yeah the movie is good action and no kissing, but more important is the new JJ Abrams project trailer. If it is still below (won’t be for long) you will note that it sounds like Godzilla. Roumors have it that there is a quite $30 million dollar budget being spent on a no name action movie filmed by hand held called “Cloverfield.”

Got to say I was thinking more about how great this movie looked and less on the Transformers… with exception that the male lead does not kiss the female lead after robots travel across the universe to get him some action.

Above and beyond the trailer, Abrams is taking the Web and leveraging it in a more brilliant way than any other person/ team of marketers has ever done previously.

If you were a dope like me and followed that empty trail from Lost all over the web and back last summer you will be familiar with the tactics outlined to draw excitement here. A nerd and puzzle solvers paradise it builds an intrinsic hype machine for those young quizzical hackers to suck them into a mysterious movie land.

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