Pictures Not Posted

Some days I tell a story that is disjointed from the pictures I’ve taken. These lost images need more than a home on my hard drive; they need to be shown to the world.

These are three from this last week.

Ben cooked for a whole fighter squadron full of friends and family for the fourth. His new barbeque can hold, should you have ever wondered, two whole chickens, an iron skillet full of beans, a half a ham (bone and all) and one large brisket.

You should all be jealous. He is a great cook. Plus, the cookie lady came with a tin full of my favorite peanut butter treats.

Did I mention Ben also smoked a fish for an appetizer? Yep, that’s my good friend Ben, and no, you can’t be his friend. He already has enough.

Last week Shaw and I stayed for the fireworks. She likes to watch. I like to take pictures. This is on my new camera with the setting on “Fireworks.” That’s right, I bought a camera that even I can take good photos with.
Kyle got a new camera as well. Now we compete for the attention of people to take pictures of. I am certain we will wear our models thin soon. But I thought this one was nice.
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