The Bitterest Pill is Mine to Take

Over the last month and a half I have been talking with a top technology company based in Seattle. We have been courting one another about an open position for what I do best, be everywhere man.

After all of the frustrations with my current job, this new relationship started out fresh and intriguing. We talked several times and things seemed to really click. Sometimes I would find myself day dreaming about apartments in the city where I would awake in the comforting arms of an employer who appreciated me and didn’t take me for granted.

Lately, my phone hasn’t been chiming. All of the emails and attention have dropped off. I would keep spirits high and drop a little reminder once and a while “I’m still here, still thinking of you, ready to hook up.”

Today, like a jilted lover, I got the email. “It’s not you, it’s me. I need something a little more, and you were great, but… you see there is this other person.”

Well, some of you will find this to be good news (the city of Seattle) that you won’t have to put up with my antics any more. Others will find this sad news (the city of Ann Arbor) that they will loose such an opportunity (to get rid of me once and for all.)

Maybe I have it backwards, I am still a little discombobulated about the whole ordeal. Either way, however things work out, I guess I’m still a glass is half full kind of guy and believe that there is a better fate in front of me, or at least a nice cold beer. Root beer.
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