Oh Brother

For those of you who still question the existence of my brother “Phil” you may have a hard time believing I have another brother “Chad.”

“Phil” is real. He is not just a photo shop joke taken to extremes. He is not a hallucination induced by a bad meatball dinner at Ikea. Not the crazy figment of my Disney childhood upbringing, he is real.

“Chad” is also real (red circle, I have the green one.) He is putting the band back together for a great reunion tour starting in the Pacific Northwest. Actually, he is taking on an amazing adventure he had been dreaming of since I first met him in Sunday school back in the 70’s. Riding his kick ass bike across a great divide. You can see his near daily updates on the newly added link to the right “Spoke & Word.” But don’t tell him I told you about it. I’m sure he is already mad at me for something else.

Now, back to filling my belly with peanut butter fudge and feeling sorry for myself as I apply to new open positions on Career Builder.
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