Civic Duty

My day started late, as I did not have to drive into work.

Iris, my dry cleaner whom I love deeply, informed me that her older daughter was graduating from Michigan State this semester and that the younger daughter was in her junior year. She then thanked me in her broken English for helping them through school. Which I had chuckled to myself and asked, “Do I really come here that much more than other customers?” She smiled warmly and nodded yes.

My trip to the mailbox ended my dread with the IRS. Yes, my final payment for 2006 was sent out today. Think what you will of me - but I do pay my taxes and had a much higher income than expected, last year. This year, not so good, hence the October 15th payment. (Yes that last sentence is a fragment. Too much “Mad About You.”)

Drew Carry is a great host for the Price is Right. Maybe I am biased because we are fraternity brothers, but he does a great job.

It was a sleep three hours in the municipal government building as they had turned on the boilers thinking October would be cold. Our jury room had 36 people 27 of which were women, and there was one person who was not white. This was a great surprise to me as I thought these things were randomly selected. I flirted a bit with the hot mom who drove a Saab as I walked her to the car in the structure.

In the end it was just a day off. But I did my civic duties, pay taxes, put kids through college, jury duty, made hot mom feel better about herself.
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