Family Folklore

When you meet enough people on your travels in life you begin to realize each person has something unique about them. Every family has some quirk. Not a good thing or a bad thing, just something that defines their family. Much of it revolves around a shared language. Here are some samples:
Brothers and sisters are called “siblings.”
Nieces and nephews are called “niblings.”

A former husband that you liked is referred to as the “was-band.”

A person who sleeps in too late will be called “a waste of pancakes.”

“Moo-cus” is the mucus build-up after consuming dairy products.

“Schnibles” are the ends of meat that cook first during a barbeque.

“Bufferello” describes a woman who is large on top with tiny legs.

A child who is exploring or in the middle of an adventure can be called a “GooGaNaut.”

When your brain is in a quagmire it can also be known to suffer from “noodlemire.”
What is some of your family folklore?
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