Zombie Army Uprising

It is written in the scriptures that the dead shall rise up and walk the earth.

This revelation is one that has been told to us time and again.

The masters of horror have told the tales of the waking dead as they scavenge the countrycide for poor Barbara’s brains or the newly built mall for fresh meat.

In more recent times we fear a germ, plague or minute bacteria that will remove all sanity and revert us back to barbaric flesh eaters. Unlike the fears of our past, these parasitic pestilent move at a far greater speed than we could ever avoid.

Anyone we know may be a carrier: your teacher, a lover, your sister, a brother. Anyone could be a zombie, anyone.

We must prepare for the zombie invasion.

Be on the lookout for the undead - they will be in a sickly state of being thin, have deep set eyes, and may babble incoherently about their past exploits.

What has happened to our beloved Jenna Jameson? Is she a zombie? Be on the look out.