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I find the term friend a bit odd. There are my close friends, who are life long friends, there are friends with benefits who just confuse the hell out of me and there are friends at work, who are nice but there is a line I will not cross there.

Then there is a group of people who write blogs. I read them every day. I know about the details of their life. I remember what they have gone through and pull for them in tight situations. I call them my friends as well even if it is an odd term to use. The blogs I read are by some smart people who are talented enough to pull me into the stories of their lives through writing.

One of these people is our good friend Cheryl. Every year I look forward to her Halloween picture post. I thought this year we might consider what year was her best. Personally, I am a fan of the Dorothy outfit, but you tell me.

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Wonder Woman



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