Rebuttal - Go dogs go!

I have gotten several off-line responses on my opinion that “women do not know what they want” from the recent post “Go dogs go - no means no.” Several people have asked me not to talk about their/our relationship in public.

I found this interesting as I was not writing about a specific relationship, rather an amalgam of ideas sparked by Episode #347 of This American Life called “Matchmakers”, a review of a book from last summer “I Am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe and the approach of another single valentines day.

I will say this however - I must have been pretty close to the truth to get that response. Yeah, most of my avid female readership hates me, and the guys think I am pretty bitter, but I think many of us have faced this moment. I now point to The Clash, “Should I stay or should I go?” You’re complaint to me should be I am unoriginal and a plagiarist, not that I got this wrong or was pointing out one of you.

So to you who thought I was pointing you out, my sincere apologies. For those of you who think less of me… what can I say? Take a number, get in line.
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