The Magic Jacket

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Gene faced himself in the mirror at his apartment wishing. Big wishes with millions, keys to imported automobiles, titles to boats and property left his pockets empty. Little wishes like lollipops and licorice likewise. Alone, the jacket would not work.

On his next day at work with the jacket he found things in his pockets all the time. A pen for Mr. Jenkins, tissue for Kate, the fax Phil lost, a nickel the soda machine ate from Janice and the name of the contact Jake the sales guy needed to close the big deal.

One last bit of paper popped up near the end of the day. It was a phone number with the name Dr. Sharma written on it. He noticed it after passing Heather in the hall. He turned back to catch up with her.

Doubtful of what to say he just smiled and handed it to her say, “I thought you might give this guy a call. He can help.”

“Gene,” she said dismissively, “I am sure I don’t know what you mean.”

She kept the paper with her walking away.

“These little things,” Gene thought to himself on the bus ride home “they can’t mean all that much. I need to think of something bigger, more grandiose, something that will make a real difference.” He handed a cough drop that appeared in his pocket to the bald man next to him.

Over the next few hours Gene plotted and planned a trip across country. He could hitchhike. It would guarantee that there would always be another person around when they needed something.

“Really?” Mr. Jenkins nearly exploded hearing the news.

“Yes sir. I plan to travel across country.”

“Gene, don’t you want to give two weeks notice instead of just walking out? Wouldn’t you rather call it vacation, or a sabbatical, give yourself time to think it over? If I had a brick I’d knock some sense into that brilliant head of yours.” A lump appeared in Gene’s jacket pocket.

Once he removed the brick with a gentle thumped on the desk he tried to explain, “You see I don’t really have a choice. Something strange has happened and I don’t think I can ignore it.”

On final reflection of the surroundings he had spent the better part of a decade looking at Gene tried to take his first step to tomorrow. Heathers arms wrapped tightly around him quickly thwarted his first step.

“Don’t you know what you did for me? Don’t you realize what you’ve done? How did you know Dr. Sharma’s cell phone number? How can you just leave now?” Heather was overcome with joy.