Friday Afternoon Interview: Linder

Linder... Thank you for joining me for the Friday Afternoon Interview. We all know that I am a self centered, egocentric and shallow bastard, what's it like to work so closely with someone so gifted, talented and (dare I say) perfect like me?

Hi Pauly, Thank you for inviting me to join you. Most of the time the experience of working with you was enjoyable, notice I said most of the time. It was the 20% of the time that you were wrong about something that created a problem. Yes, I said 20% of the time. I know you think you are right 90% of the time, but in actuality it is 80% of the time. Sorry, I know that hurts your ego tremendously.

Who am I to argue with my guests? 90% of the time I am right... 80% maybe on an off day. So for the most part, working with me is a wonderful and exciting experience. Now you have other wonderful and exciting personalities in your life. I am referring to Dixie the Wonder dog of course. How is Dixie and what has she been doing in the last two months?

I still disagree with the 90% being right but I'll let you have this one for now.

Dixie is wonderful, she is getting ready for vacation this summer. We are planning a family trip to Florida and of course since Dixie is part of the family she will be coming along. We are staying for three days in the Orlando area and four days in Cape San Blas. So Dixie is starting to dream about running on the sandy beaches of Florida and chasing crabs.

Ah Florida, fond memories. It will be nice to get away from the day to day redundancy. Two games to play on your dive down... count the number of "See Rock City" signs and "See Ruby Falls." What will they do with out you in the office? Have they planned to close the place down? Or will you be accepting calls every 10 minutes?

Actually we thought about stopping at Rock City and Ruby Falls, believe it or not the kids have never been there. The last time I was there was in the spring of 1988. The Ruby Falls are certainly a site to behold -- walking miles and miles underground to see a small stream of water coming through the cavern wall with a red light shining behind it. How beautiful. The office will live without me, hopefully by that time they will have already gotten used to it. If not, I will not be accepting calls, I don't think cell service is available on Cape San Blas.

I'm going to see the movie 10,000 BC this afternoon, have you seen it? I'll let you know what I think.

I have not seen 10,000 BC. But I have seen Caveman with Ringo Star.

You are an avid fan of Lost. Any predictions of this season?

Ah Lost, as you know most of the time I'm lost when it comes to Lost. I'm beginning to think that may be Ben isn't the bad guy that we thought he was, perhaps he is actually a good guy. I'm still wondering about the smoke, Jacob, and the couple that was bitten by the spider and buried alive. Just got back from 10,000 BC, loved it. The special effects were really cool, the characters were engaging, the story line was kind of predictable but still entertaining.

Is it true that you did time in a Texas federal pen? Come on, tell the truth and what you did.

You know I don't like to talk about doing time in TX, oops I mean my time in TX.

If you were stuck on an island... which Elton John album would you bring?

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys -- without a doubt.

Same island, with your music, but you have to kick off two people and keep one... Who do you keep - Mike Rowe, Bear Grylls, or Jamie Hyneman (from Mythbusters)?

Well you know that I think Mike Rowe is quite a guy, so the question is do I want to have an enjoyable stay on the island although I may not survive long with Mike, or survive but have an awful time with Bear Grylls. I think I'll take Mike.

Before we get dirty... we should let all the readers know that you are the Queen of Clean and own a company called Wild Iris Soap Works.

While the website is being rebuilt can people contact you directly with orders? How would they do that?

Funny you should mention Wild Iris Soap Works, just today I called to have the website taken down completely. Unfortunately, my business partner and I just don't have the time to put into it right now.

Well I am not sure what I am going to give people for Christmas presents this year... But I hope you will take "special orders."

Thank you for taking the time to let us all get to know you a little bit better Linder and answering all of these deep questions.