The Haunted House of Ludington

I booked the room because the place had character. It’s the white castle of the north woods, who wouldn’t want to stay there. Reviews on Yahoo are mixed - older travelers found the place to be accommodating and decent. Younger travelers talked as if the pace should be blown up.

What really clinched the deal for me was that the place was haunted. Phil would be there alone on Friday night. Let’s test to see if the place is really haunted! The photos look like the winter resort from The Shining.

Now I love Phil, everyone who has ever met him does. But I could not resist the chance at scaring my big brother in a haunted hotel.

The House of Ludington
was built in 1865. We stayed in the west wing built in 1910 (Red would have been 4 years old) in a suite. After I arrived, mid-day, and walked up the stairs to the first floor, down the dark halls that rose and drooped between the floor joists and into the room, I felt really bad for my brother. This place was pretty scary on a normal afternoon.

Here are some videos from You Tube that will prove it.

Can you see the face in this first video?

Follow the light that scurries across the floor. The video will not show it, but there is no way that light can come from an outside source.

Watch carefully as the “spirit” darts past the camera.

In all honesty - The House of Ludington in Escanaba is a fine place to stay. It does have character and charm that is no longer found in chain hotels. Ed the owner has a nice place and good sense of humor. Next time you are going through the UP, The house of Lundington is the only place to stay.