Red’s Scrapbook

We were fortunate to see this scrapbook. You see he died over 30 years ago and the things he owned and collected (which were too numerous to discuss) were often misplaced or went missing. A neighbor discovered this book in a collapsed barn years ago and passed it along to the man in yesterday’s video.

Glued to the pages of the old science book are the trinkets and text that chronicled the days Red transitioned from a small northern town to a small college town in the southern peninsula.

Consider that the Mackinac Bridge and I-75 were thirty years away from being built. Keep in mind that the newly named Wrigley Field he bought tickets to was only 13 years old, had just that year added a second deck, and was still home to the Chicago Bears outside of the baseball season.

This was truly a different time in America. His collection of memories pasted and pressed for decades makes me wonder what things I hold on to in my life will tell my tale? I refuse to hold on to everything, just the important things. Keep only those photos and stories that reflect what is significant and central to me.

What will you keep?

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