Snoopy Snow Cones and Class

“Phil V” (not to be confused with the Silver Fox) and I were exchanging some emails about some plans for the end of the month. Here I am in my new job, at my new office, getting a little weepy over some stupid stories he reminded me of that I hadn’t thought of in years.

It got worse, of course, when I thought back to my very missed childhood and what a great brother he is (possibly the best - votes are still being tabulated.) It is symbolized best by two items - the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine and the movie "Class."

Phil had a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, and one hot summer he made snow cones for me, and the boys next door who had a dog named Josie. Later that night they swore and they spent several hours trying to convince me that they really said “Eat a Josie.” To this day I could not tell you what they really said. I am certain that I later broke that Snoopy Snow Cone machine as little brothers often cause trouble.

After the move and cable was invented, I am sorry to report (not that the parental units didn’t already know) I watch some R rated movies. The one that I recall seeing before “Phil V” went off to State was “Class.”

Now for something that should entertain the rest of you who don’t know what the hell I am talking about or who the people I am writing about are.

Enjoy (safe for work)

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