The things I can't say

There are many things I could tell you about from this last week.

New York

My 32 hours in New York did not change my perception of the city, although after riding on a double-decker bus tour, the city is pretty to me again. Travel has not changed much since my last trip in November of 2007. Much of what was covered at the conference was pretty well covered three years ago, but it is nice to review.

New Job
My current work is new for the people who hired me, but something I have been doing on and off for several years now. It is nice to have a variety of topics to choose from and the resources of the editorial staff from this publication. I have made a good impression since starting here in February. The metrics are double what they were and we have already done as many of these things as they had done over the last two years.

New Location

It is official. I no longer live in a cramped apartment in the people’s republic of Ann Arbor. My luxurious penthouse in Berkley is now home. It’s good to be back on this side of town.

New News
Well - here is the problem. I have no news. In fact I am thinking that it might be time to change up the Everywhere Man blog to something more reflective of these days. I wouldn’t throw it away - to many great stories here. But don’t be surprised if there is a new site to go to after the holiday.