Everywhere Man returns - Check here and read more

In the morning I start my new job in Toronto. Much like the one in Ann Arbor I will return to my Everywhere Man status. The first few months look to be a lot of four hour drives between Michigan and Toronto but the plan is to eventually relocate there.

My feelings are mixed. It is a good job doing what I enjoy at a reasonable salary. Still it is a departure from friends and family and this big mitten I call home. This may have been easy to pick up three years ago or even two; but right now it seems almost foreign. Can a mind be set in entropy? I find that I want things to be more clear and systematic but there is this haze of unorganized uncertainty.

Most first days will cause this feeling. What should I wear? Will I make friends? I am accustomed to that feeling. This goes beyond that and is focused more on leaving the U.S. To this I tell myself that Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Maugham, Lawrence, and Hughes all left home and we are all better for it. As if I were in the Godfather, I too have left, “but they keep pulling me back.” The “they” in this case is Michigan.

Over the last three years I have grown accustomed to staying home and building memories with friends. There has been slight tug of adventure and wonder of what city I might be in or plane to be on if I were still in Tradeshow World. Well, we will soon find out. And those memories with good friends will fuel me until we see each other again when I am certain a long litany of Canadian jokes to join them.

Everywhere Man returns - Check here and read more.