Almost, but not the same

Day two of my new gig in Toronto - I notice the differences still and hope they will soon go away. The people here are great, super nice, work hard, but they are not the same as those back home.

In my, let’s call it three years, since really being Everywhere Man I think I have grown a heart. There are emails or Facebook entries from friends or family wishing me well and asking how it is, but it is just making me sad. I miss home. I miss the cat. I miss that breakfast joint I went to for a year and the cleaner on the corner. Sure, I will head home each week for a while, but right now it is my second day at camp and I miss mom.

There is so much potential here. So many cool things to do and see. I wish this place came with a fast-forward to skip ahead to the part when I am cold and ruthless living in the city and have forgotten those simple suburbanites in the big mitten.

When I first moved to Chicago in 1991 it was a leap. Just jumped right in. It wasn’t until two years later driving a car while back home that I realized that I really like to drive. I, in fact, had not driven a car during those two years - it was just public transit.

Home is only four hours away. Four hours that I know will pass by quickly once I get in the swing of it. But I am older, and wiser, and know that eventually there will be another thing I miss like driving - but it won’t be that as I will be driving too much. It is definitely the cat.
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