World War Z

I have finished reading Max Brooks “World War Z”, the locals would call it “World War Zed”.  Thoroughly believing that a super virus could easily turn this great Canadian city into a walking dead filled trap I have been contemplating my escape for about a week now.

Each subway ride I am cautious to watch for suspicious behavior, gnawing on bones, slow unsteady walking, moaning, the occasional request for “brains.” Walking down the worlds longest street my eyes are on the watch for an alternative route. When I drive down the worlds busiest freeway my mind imagines cars lined up, never moving. It’s not really that hard to imagine on the 401. The burning remains, the grabbers stuck in seatbelts trying to reach out to you as you walk past – these will be the notable differences.

Will I run? Or just wait it out until winter? Zombies will freeze, right?

Guns. That is my concern, not enough guns.

Stay ahead of the crowds. Don’t wait for the rest of humanity to figure it out, leave early.

What will the best place to be when the Zombie invasion takes place? Quick, look to your left. What do you see that can stop a Zombie? Don't wait for the movie. It might just bee too late.