You are not alone

Recently I was in Atlanta. During that trip I took the opportunity to visit with my team. My team is the group at JERA Publishing Services. You see, writing is often looked on as something produced by an individual. There are the hours spent alone over the blank page, the days spent shaping an idea, the months of re-writing a chapter, and the years suffering the aches of a sore back and writers cramp. Well, I used to think for the longest time that this penitence and suffering alone was needed to advance the "art".

A few years ago I came to the realization that there were simply things I am not good at. Self editing being one of them, interior design and layout another, and cover design a third. If I wanted to meet a quality I believe my writing could reach, I needed to assemble a team that would be honest in feedback and talk through ideas. Unless you surround yourself with other artists and writers willing to commit to that level book production, or you are one of the fortunate to have a publishing house back you, you may need to find that team that works best for you.

There is no lack of people in the world willing to take your money. Many will tell you the easy things you want to hear. For me, the importance is to focus on the truth of the matter to improve. It took some time, it took some experiences, but I have found that team I can trust in a little place north of Atlanta in Roswell Georgia called JERA. 

On tough days I find encouragement. When I am think "it's good enough" there is an extra push for being better. If a concept isn't ready, there is someone to help me talk through it. I am very grateful for the JERA team and what they have provided me - a sense that I am not alone in my writing, there are readers at the ready.

 The JERA Team October 2015

The JERA Team October 2015


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