We helped a woman move her organ for Fathers Day

The Silver Fox is a cowboy out west this week, so there were no Fathers Day plans.

The Green Hornet and I pretty much stayed close to Berkley (my new home) the whole time. It is a small and very friendly community. During evening strolls every person who passes greets me with hellos and good evenings. I am not accustomed to just how nice they are. But it is a great place to be.

After another trip to the people’s republic of Ann Arbor I was reminded again of why I no longer fit in there. Just pulling into the old apartment complex I nearly got hit, as always. People there just look at there feet or completely ignore you rather than even smile.

Jenna, loaded with nearly the last of the good stuff, drove a leisurely 70 mph at 47 mpg. I listened to my public radio and the long trip. It’s hard to believe I actually miss being in the car for more than my 15 minute each way daily commute. But that is what Jenna was made for, the long haul.

I unloaded the girl, watch the Tigers win another, almost loosing it in the 9th. The Green Hornet grilled some great big burgers. After we walked up to Clark’s Ice Cream on 12 miles because we had heard good things. For your conversion purposes in the future, a small is really a large, and a medium is really a super-duper extra large. Plus, it tastes great.

On the way home we saw a petite mom and her middle school son try to move an old organ into their home. The Honda Pilot was backed up to the porch as close as they could get it in the tall uncut lawn. So The Green Hornet and I walked up and moved it up a few steps into the front room. From the looks of things, single mom in a new house with yippee dogs. She was so thankful that she wouldn’t let us leave until The Green Hornet told her his favorite type of beer, she would find us and bring a six-pack.

Thunderstorms are passing through the area again. Cable and electric flickered during the worst of it. But this hamlet is now my home and I like it very much.