Cleaning Cat for Adoption

After work tonight I met up with my little sister for dinner. When I say little I really mean younger. We are both adults but I will always think of her as little.

Siblings are awesome. They know your jokes pretty well, they understand your history so you don’t have to explain everything up to that point, and of course they are your sibling. Well, that’s how it is with us at least.

After dinner we went to PetCo. I am watching her two cats next week. Plus they have a ten year old piranha and we had to buy him feeder fish.

I insisted we spend a few extra minutes with the cats that are up for adoption. There are always the little kittens that are oh so adorable. This time there were also two older cats in the top area - Jake and Pumpkin.

In the nice little write up about the two we find that they were old friends, Jake and Pumpkin. They had been together for seven years and be adopted as a pair.

We also learned that Jake has a digestive problem. Once we read this part of the profile Jake thought he would show us just what the trouble was. The brown soft serve started to fill the corner of the litter bin. It just kept coming out without a pause.

Next Jake put his nose in it and started to bury it like any normal cat. He scratched more litter, and more, and more until there was no litter in the bin except this large pile over his dirty corner.

Then he scratched around the edges pushing every particle into the bin. Then he worked out ward to the dust and specs that accumulated over the day on the white surface. Working further out in the area he kept cleaning, and cleaning. When he arrived at the food dish he cleaned and scratched around the food dish and the water dish.

Jake cleaned every corner of the living area for he and Pumpkin.

Pumpkin slept through it all. That is until Jake made his way over to him. Jake began to lick and rub all over Pumpkin until he could not longer lay there.

Pumpkin looked at Jake with a cold catty glare to say “Dude. It has been seven years. We have been over this before. I am fine. Stay on your side.”

Jake turned a full circle to explore his space and laid down.

Jake must have OCD.