Short and Spooky

There was a bee in my car on the way to the Detroit Metro Airport. It was distracting and dangerous, so I pulled over to shoo it out. When I opened the other doors, another bee came in to join its friend. Eventually, both left allowing to make my fight.

At the end of a long week of training and classes, I walked over to my red Chevy Sonic rental, which I had enjoyed driving over the last few days. It had been basking in the warm Austin parking lot all day. I opened the front door and noticed something odd. The night steel color plastic interior door panel seemed to be writhing in movement. I opened the back seat door and found the same. On closer inspection with my tired eyes I was shocked to find thousands of tiny black spiders had hatched from a nidi in the back seat. All doors open, sun basking in, I stood and watched the babies exit the car in swarms landing on the hot black asphalt.

I’ve learned when you travel its important to build in time on certain things. Had I been quick to jump on a flight that night, I never would have made it on time and without dozens or hundreds of bites.


Paul PetersComment