Daydreamers on Cell Phones - The New Enemy #1

It’s been a busy few weeks between Austin, Boston, Las Vegas and lastly Manhattan. Wednesday, after putting a full day in at the desk I rushed off to the airport for a late arrival into Manhattan. Up early, it was a great 10 block walk to the office where I was slated to speak to customers.

My stupid need to be early, got me there an hour before everyone else. I was squirmy in my seat all morning and we blew through any sense of the schedule and things meandered for hours. Finally, it was my turn up front.

It was a tough room, as one man with a cold and one too many shots of could medication fell asleep, others had many questions, and one co-worker insisted on making certain his thoughts were said at length. Oh, and the lap-top I was presenting from decided to go to sleep, so I gave a quarter of my presentation from memory. 

Please do not mistake this as a list of complaints. I really like this part of my job. I am really good at it.

Here is the funny part of an already long day. After shaking hands and answering questions, I have to go to LGA. When I arrived at the closet where my carry-on luggage was stored, I learned a valuable lesion. Don’t leave your stuff in the coat check. The co-worker who had gotten out the door ahead of me took my bag instead of his. I know this because his bag with his business card that looks nearly identical to mine, with the exception of the big yellow tag that has his name on the handle, was the only thing in the closet.

He picks up his cell when I call, and he is at Penn Station about to board his train to Boston. I had 20 minutes to get from 58th, to get to 33rd and 7th.

I am able to get downstairs and hail a gypsy cab driver, who agrees to get me there in time during the 3:00 in the afternoon start to rush hour for an extra set price. There are things on this cab ride I cannot describe without incrimination. Lets just say that you may have seen some of these stunts several action movies.

He is on the corner where he said he would be, with my carry on. I have to scream his name to get his attention. We make the switch, he is back off to his train, and I am back in the Prius off to LGA. I am not one to get car sick, but I nearly vomit on several occasions from the smells of the city, stop and go pattern of the two footed driver, and the swerving in and out of traffic.

The rush is for nothing. I have time to sit at the bar and talk with a lovely woman whom I later discovered was married for 20 years with an 8 year old a 5 year old triplets. It’s cliché in retrospect, but I literally said, “You don’t look old enough to have been married 20 years and have triplets.” Eventually she goes to Minneapolis, and I go to my gate to discover that the flight has been delayed three hours with mechanical issues.

I’m able to get on an earlier flight with most of those able to switch in time before it’s sold out.

Every year I have to learn again not to travel the week before Thanksgiving. My biggest pet peeve is being late. My time is valuable. I respect others enough to be on time. My second biggest pet peeve is now daydreamers on the phone. They take forever to board and disembark from a plane, feel the need to just stop when walking in front of you for not other reason, or take your luggage, which does not include a large marker clearly identifying the true owner.