Dinner in Abiline

I thought the start of this story might be about frozen rain on the Kansas toll way, a new social group I call, “bubble people”, who only think of themselves and can't disembark from a plane in an orderly fashion; but instead I would like to tell you about the simple pure delight of a wonderful meal.

My vacation has taken me to Abilene Kansas, I have stumbled on a place called the Brookville Hotel. You know in all those war films there is a moment when big mid western solider starts to talk about “the cooking back home”? They usually say something to the effect that, “there is nothing as good Sunday dinner at the” insert local home location name, “and that’s what I’m fighting for.”

Well I found that place. That’s what the Brookville Hotel is. The only serve a chicken dinner, but it is the best chicken dinner I’ve ever had. And believe me, I’ve had a lot of chicken dinners.

They start out with sides like cottage cheese, peaches, pickles, slaw, and some preserves. These are creamy large portions that are perfect  in balance with one another.

This is followed by four good pieces of deep fried chicken, great mashed potatoes, the creamiest of cream corn, thick gravy, and old fashioned buns.

Sara, my waitress, was a delight in her service and answered all my questions.

There are two locations, this one has been around for 13 years, the original longer. If you are every making your way up and down the rolling hills of Kansas, stop in Abilene for Brookville Hotel, sign the registry, and belly up to one of the best meals you may ever have

Paul PetersComment