Copley Place

In the opening chapter of “Peter in Flight” we learn about a bad moment in the protagonists life. Peter shares the story of the worst handshake he has ever had. It takes place at the Marriott Copley Place, just a few blocks away from the bomb blasts that shook the streets of Boston earlier this week.

I have been thinking over the last 24 hours about changing the location in the first chapter. It makes me sad to associate the awful events that have happened in places I have been. If I move that location, I should likely not include the Centennial Park in Atlanta, or Phoenix Arizona, or Manhattan, as they are all included in the book as well.  

Yesterday at nearly the same time the bombs in Boston went off, I was standing on the Hudson River taking a picture of the Freedom Tower in the skyline of New York. “Just odd timing”, I told myself on the flight home. "These connections are only in my mind."

Still, looking at that photo on my phone I thought, “changing the writing would be giving into fear.” The Freedom Tower reminded me that we are better to have survived and continued past these events without giving into the fear. Yes, I have been all these places, and yes, bad things have happened there. Great things have happened in these places as well, wonderful beautiful moments have happened that cannot be taken away. I will continue to focus on these moments.