Best Airport Eats

I have had more than my share of meals at airports. From the first, a bag of popcorn at the original terminal at DTW , to the most recent, a Nathan's hot dog at ATL. Today you can have gourmet at MSP or fresh smoked pulled pork at MEM. There are options that make an airport unique. There are places designed to make you feel at home.  

In yesterday's post from CNN "Best Eats at 20 Busiest US Airports" I was happy to see that DTW made the list with PB&J. Since 2001 when the airport opened I have made an effort on any flight longer than 2 hours to grap a PBJ and Banana with a carton of milk when in walking distance of gate A1.  

Unlike your Whoppers, fries, Big Mac's, or bags marked "Fresh to Go", a PB&J is easy to carry in your bag, provides a filling in-flight meal, will not spill on the laps next to yours, and will not turn the stomach of fellow passengers as you consume. I love a good PBJ. And I must apologize to my good friend David and others who are deadly allergic. You are missing out.

Next time you are flying from Detroit or making a connection there, I highly recommend you swing by gate A1 for a good sandwich (except for David, you should stay clear.)