Canada - Not Dangerous

Today you may have noticed the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs released a map of countries with a safety rating assigned to each by color (green is good, red is bad, yellow in between.) Canadians, in my experience, are avid world explores. They are much more interested in seeing other countries before traveling their own. I on the contrary, have visited most of the provinces here.      

The report can be found here. You may note that Canada has not rated itself. It must be so safe here that you don't need the normal precautions, you will be safe no matter what. However, once you step foot outside the boarder you are taking your safety into your own hands.  

You may also note that Greenland and the USA are rated at the same level of safety as Botswana. Now, having been to most major US cities, I will tell you my Canadian friends, there are some areas to avoid in the US. And while Mexico is rated yellow, which indicates there are some areas to avoid, you may want to consider that there are only some places to visit.

If you go by WikiTravel you will find that Somalia is listed as one of the least safe places in the world. In fact the only way to remain safe, is not to go there. But the Canadian map will tell you that there are a dozen or so countries equally bad. I'm not one to test the degree at which safe is unsafe, I will just trust that these are some areas I may never have the pleasure to visit. Still, those three crazy car guys on Top Gear recently spent a good amount of time in Africa filming a great two part special. It's a beautiful place.

It's a tough world out there, but some adventures are worth the risk. Don't let it limit your plans.